Human Errors (interlude)

from by Samad Savage

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La La Laa
La La
La (could you tell me what it really means?)
La (could you tell me what it really means?)
La (could you tell me what it really means?)
La (Living life inside these dreams)

[Verse 1]
Hi, It's the weirdo of rap
A hero, in fact
A real NEGUS, ancestors was a pharaohs, in fact
I'm proud to be black
But here's the thing that's funny thing 'bout that
Is when I say it, People looking at me like I attacked
I love my Skin
Melanin drippin like pain't off a rim
That's pure chocolate
Women stay trynna be more than then my friend
Picked up the pen
Now it seem like I been hitten the gym
Worked out the swagger
And somehow i'm looking different from them
Speaking of hitting Gyms
I'm the hidden gem they can't find
Is he a good kid
Only because he read the quran?
Is he allowed to be rhyming Don
On Ramadan?
Does he pray 5 times a day
When he hear the Athan?
Nobody's perfect
But what I'm doing is definitely worth it
I'm tryna have world peace
From the clubs to the churches
I want people to feel love
From their birth to the hearses
I want positivity built
When they playing my verses, I'm Saying

Many men wish death upon me
Not talking 'bout the thugs
Talking 'bout the police
And I'm just trynna be what I'm destined to be
But niggas trynna take my mic away

Man fuck that!
I'm just asking where the love at?
"Kill a nigga, Kill a nigga"
Yeah they love that
They love being dumb
Asking "where the drugs at?"
They asking "Nigga, what's that?"
"All a nigga know is how to make that gun clap
All we know is pills, weed, lean, move crack
You can't save us, mothafucka, we don't want that
You should do like our fathers and never come back"
(Come back)
(Come back)

[Verse 2]
I stayed official like the tag still on me
Some people say I changed, but did I ask you homie
In highschool the ladies had a nigga so lonely
Now they all looking for some holy matrimony
Opposite of Heaven yes...Hell No
She see my future, she gone stick to me like velcro
She see Samad is more outstanding than a scarecrow
When I'm out standing on my competition
Where though?


from Some Odd World EP, released October 20, 2016



all rights reserved


Samad Savage Montclair, New Jersey

Samad Savage is a Rapper. He was born in Montclair, New Jersey on June 14th, 1996. He grew up in Montclair. At 8 years old, He often played around on FL Studios, and his family realized he had a thing for music. He was destined to be something and began recording. He wanted to push further until He could be compared to the great. ... more

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